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A culinary walk through the city: discover the typical Antwerp delicacies

2 April 2023
A culinary walk through the city: discover the typical Antwerp delicacies

Antwerp isn’t called ‘the Biscuit City’ for nothing. As early as the sixteenth century, here was where the best gingerbread could be found, with countless renowned biscuit factories opening later on. The city’s culinary offering is a good deal broader these days, from sweet to savoury and everything in between. And it’s a real treat for gourmet lovers and foodies. Has your appetite been whetted? Discover more about the tastiest culinary walks in Antwerp!

Yum Yum: Antwerp Hands and Bollekes

© Dries Luyten

What could be better than exploring the city with a drink and a snack? Nothing at all! While enjoying typical Antwerp delicacies such as the Antwerp Hands, a Bolleke or Filets d’Anvers, you can discover the old city. A guide will steer you through extraordinary places with surprising culinary trivia during the ‘Yum Yum walk’. You’ll regularly stop along the way to listen to the story behind the delicacy. Did we mention you can also try some? You might like to close with an Elixir or a glass of jenever. Cheers!

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Yummy: for the less hungry

© Leyla Hesna

Not as hungry, but still very keen to explore Antwerp? Then this walk will be right up your street. ‘Yummy Yummy’ is a bit shorter than the ‘Yum Yum walk’, making it a perfect introduction to Antwerp’s cuisine. You’ll come across a range of shops and cafés along the way. Meanwhile, the guide will be telling you all about what you’re seeing and tasting. You won’t want to miss a glass of Elixir or jenever here either.

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Cultural pub crawl: history with a fresh pint

© Jeroen Broeckx

You might hear some fun anecdotes in a bar, but the really tasty stories only come up during a proper cultural pub crawl.  As the walk’s name implies, this is the ideal combination of history and pleasure. You’ll walk past the most prominent sights in the historic city centre and dive into the story behind these attractions. All that great stuff will make you thirsty, of course, which is why there are several bars awaiting you. Time to rest, have a natter and enjoy a tasty thirst-quencher before heading to the next must see!

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Getting hungry? Have a browse on our culinary walks and get your senses tingling soon in Antwerp. See you soon!