Attention: since August 1st 2023, the parking policy in the City of Antwerp has changed.

Read more on Parking on the street | Smart ways to Antwerp or Transport in and to Antwerp.


Find your stay in Antwerp!

In collaboration with our partner Time to Momo, we present you the best options to spend the night in Antwerp. Tell us below which nights you would stay in Antwerp and discover great boutique hotels and b&b’s!

Why Experience Antwerp works together with Time to Momo?

Time to Momo (before Moonback) launched their fair booking site in September 2021 and offers a worthy alternative, based on local strength. Just like Experience Antwerp.

“4 people are looking for this room NOW! Only 1 room left!”

Other hotel booking sites put pressure on you with statements like these. Annoying, isn’t it? Those same booking sites force hotels to pay exorbitantly high commissions – as they are all about maximum profit.

Just like Time to Momo, we believe that this can and should be done differently.


The difference when booking through Time to Momo

  • Direct contact with your hotel With Time to Momo, you know your hotel, and they know about you. So, get in touch!
    Call them, email them – they are eager to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
  • No hidden costsOne of the benefits of Time to Momo being an honest booking site is that they have nothing to hide. You can see exactly where your hard-earned money is going.
    Hint: a larger portion of it goes to the actual hotel, compared to other booking sites.
  • Know your destination Visiting a city you haven’t been before? Then it’s not easy to find the best hotel location. To help you out, they’ve added all kinds of city info to the Antwerp city map.
  • Zero fuss cancellation Sometimes plans change – that’s life.
    If you need to cancel, they don’t ask questions. They cancel your booking – with zero fuss.
  • Stress-free booking No one likes being rushed into booking by statements like “In high demand – there’s only 1 room left!”.
    On the Time to Momo website, they just keep it calm – you decide when you are ready to book your hotel room.

Navigate seamlessly

The Time to Momo site makes it simple:
You’ll find moons and stars on the map. The moons are the hotels you can book and the stars are the highlights of the city. This way you can easily choose to be close to a particular hotspot or not.
Of course, all necessary filters are easy to set: dates, travel group, budget and so on.

Experience Antwerp top 3 tips for staying in Antwerp

Did we convince you? Indicate on the top of this page when you are coming to Antwerp and start booking a great and honest city trip!