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MoMu | Fashion Museum

MoMu | Fashion Museum

On the ground floor, you can find MoMu’s new Collection presentation, which looks back at four decades of Belgian fashion, along with a selection from the museum’s historic collection. The exhibition reviews the key protagonists of Belgian fashion, based on topics characterising the unique nature of the MoMu collection. Both the Collection presentation and the introductory documentary start with the age-old question: “what does the ‘Belgian’ and ‘Antwerp’ fashion label mean today?”

In order to show as much as possible from the MoMu collection and create room for new stories, the exhibition will rotate on an annual basis. This means that it’s certainly worth a regular visit to the Collection presentation and it will never fail to surprise you. In addition, the large exhibition area on the first floor has been updated, with a smaller exhibition area added on the ground floor too. Both halls will be taken up by temporary exhibitions on fashion-related themes or designers at least twice a year.

A characteristic feature of the temporary exhibitions is the compelling scenography. As a visitor, you are not just welcomed inside the exhibits, you are submerged in the universe of a designer or theme. The space is fully transformed with each new exhibition. This makes every visit a unique experience.

3 reasons why this is worth your visit

  • The MoMu collection is the largest and most important collection of contemporary Belgian fashion. An important part of this collection is on display in the Collection presentation on the ground floor.
  • The compelling scenography of the exhibitions: as a visitor you will not only see the objects but you are immersed in the world of the designer or the theme of the exhibition.
  • In addition to a visit to the exhibition, MoMu also offers a guided tour, workshop, lecture, … or a free visit to the MoMu library and the new café.

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