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Discover interesting fashion trends

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Discover interesting fashion trends

Antwerp is the fashion capital of Belgium. Not only is there a large selection of fashion shops, but Antwerp also has its own Fashion Museum and several well-known fashion designers have emerged from Antwerp. If you don’t want to miss anything regarding the development of the fashion industry in Antwerp, then a guided fashion tour of Antwerp would be just your cup of tea. You will become acquainted with the history of the fashion industry, the popular Antwerp fashion designers and the (former and current) fashion trends. It is a great activity for fashion lovers who would love to shop for exclusive fashion in Antwerp.

What is a guided fashion tour of Antwerp?
Would you like to find out more about the role Antwerp has played in the international fashion world? Then a guided fashion tour of Antwerp is definitely the thing for you. Fashion lovers can choose from a great selection of guided fashion tours of Antwerp. During your tour you will not only discover the different fashion boutiques in the city, but you will also get to know everything about the Antwerp Six. These six top designers conquered the international fashion world in the 1980s and put Antwerp on the map forever. It’s incredibly interesting to see the growth spurt that Antwerp went through at the time and how it is still experiencing its effects today.

What makes a fashion tour of Antwerp worthwhile?
Shopping for clothes is about more than just walking into a clothing shop. A guided fashion walk in Antwerp is a great idea in order to discover all about this. The Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp attracts students from all over the world, which is reflected in the range of fashion shops on offer. You will enter large department stores, as well as small boutiques. This is the ideal activity for people who love fashion trends and who are curious to learn some fashion history.

Book one of the guided fashion tours of Antwerp
Are you interested in a fashion tour of Antwerp? Then don’t postpone your trip to the Belgian port city any longer. Get to know the Antwerp Six and learn about what their legacy means to Antwerp. It certainly won’t be a boring tour, because in addition to hearing interesting facts, there is plenty of time to step into all kinds of shops. In short: book a guided fashion tour of Antwerp and treat yourself to a fantastic activity.

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